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CBS Sports decided to base its predictions on a simulation of Super Bowl LI in Madden NFL 17.

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For the first time, it nailed the exact final score of a Super Bowl.

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The Atlanta Falcons may not be flying high at the end of Super Bowl LI.Tom Brady and Marshawn Lynch take the virtual turf on Xbox One.EA Sports releases their Madden NFL 18 simulation results for Super Bowl 52 winner between New England and Philadelphia.Electronic Arts has used its Madden NFL franchise to simulate the winner of each Super Bowl every year since 2004.

In an annual tradition, one of the most popular sports video games released ever year, the Madden NFL franchise, picks its Super Bowl winner. This year.

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2017 NFL Playoffs: Final prediction for Packers vs. in the 2017 NFL Playoffs to their second appearance ever in a Super Bowl. AFC Championship in Madden.

Go ahead and take the New England Patriots to win their sixth Super Bowl title with Tom Brady to earn his fifth MVP award.Adam Rank makes his final Madden predictions of the year, focusing in on a few key players as well as the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII.

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One. Madden was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders that won Super Bowl XI.Watch How Tight the Madden NFL Super Bowl Prediction Was. Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl Prediction Nails Super Bowl XLIX Score - IGN News. 3 years ago. 2:08.

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The Madden 16 simulation by EA Sports for Super Bowl 50 has the game coming down to the wire.Super Bowl Madden Table Superbowl Predictions Super Bowl Winner Madden Nfl.Every year for the last 3 years achievement hunter have had annual games to predict the results of the years Super Bowl, for the last two.

Who Will Win Super Bowl LI? Madden NFL 17 Says It Knows

Currently, the Vegas oddsmakers are picking Patriots, which lines up nicely with the Madden pick.Electronic Arts has used its Madden NFL franchise to simulate the winner of each Bowl every year since 2004.

Super Bowl LII Predictions: 'Madden NFL 18' Predicts Tough

EA Sports has fired up Madden 11 and run a simulated Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, where the Steelers walked away with a 24-20.Find out who Madden 18 predicts to win Super Bowl LII and see the Madden NFL 18 Super Bowl LII Edition offer.Since Super Bowl XXXVIII (14 years ago), the simulation has picked the winner 10 of 14 times.We Simulated The Entire Playoffs With Madden 17, And Neither 1-Seed Is Winning The Super Bowl.For Super Bowl 50, the Madden NFL simulation has it that the.

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EA Sports has correctly predicted the Super Bowl 10 out of 14 times.

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The official Madden prediction had both the Colts and the Saints coming out firing on all cylinders in the first.I had no idea the video game simulation would be so accurate.Watch: Madden NFL 18 predicts dramatic end to Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl The video game has correctly predicted 10 of the past 14 winners.Watch the video below after the break to see what happened for the Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Prediction to see how Super Bowl 51 ended.The New England Patriots are going to hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the third time in four seasons.So says a Madden NFL 18 simulation of Super Bowl LII.The video game.Characteristic of earlier games against Seattle and New York this.

Madden NFL 18 Predicts another Super Bowl Win for Brady and the Patriots The predictions are in and Madden NFL 18 says that Brady and the Patriots will walk out the.Madden NFL 17 simulated Super Bowl LI and the New England Patriots will defeat the Atlanta Falcons for their fifth championship in franchise history.The Madden NFL Super Bowl prediction is one of the. official Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI prediction.

Atlanta Falcons, atlanta falcons super bowl, Falcons, falcons madden 17, madden 17, madden 17 predictions, Super Bowl, Super Bowl 51, super bowl news,.The Superbowl Predictor is now 0-3 in the last 15 years when predicting a score of 24-20.

Hope you like Cam Newton doing the dab, because if Madden NFL is right, the Carolina Panthers will score their first Super Bowl victory.

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MINNEAPOLIS — Go ahead and take the New England Patriots to win their sixth Super Bowl title with Tom Brady to earn his fifth MVP award.