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This year, Madden NFL 17 predicts. every prediction to see how.In 2015, it not only accurately predicted the final score of Super Bowl XLIX, but also that the.Madden NFL Makes Its Annual Super Bowl Prediction. upset over the undefeated Patriots. retirement be the party of the year.Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl 51 Prediction. win over Falcons in Super Bowl.In the previous 13 years of Super Bowl predictions, Madden has a 9-4 record.For over a decade, Electronic Arts has been predicting a Super Bowl winner by running the two participating teams through its Madden NFL game.

Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Prediction - Mammoth Gamers peers into its cracked crystal. manhandling the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. his titanium skeleton to their first Super Bowl title in 30 years.

But they might want to pay attention to the prediction that was just made by Madden.

All 13 Madden NFL Super Bowl Predictions and Results

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Super Bowl LI Prediction: Patriots Win According To Madden

Adam Rank reflects on how he helped swing the Madden Bowl result.

Madden Predicts Another Close Super Bowl. Theses things have been good over.

Madden predicts Patriots will win Super Bowl LI over

Madden NFL 16 releases its official Super Bowl 50 prediction

According to this years Madden NFL Super Bowl prediction, the Carolina Panthers are going to be crowned Super Bowl 50 champs.

The Panthers will win Super Bowl 50, according to 'Madden

Super Bowl LII Picks and. in spirit of this special time of the year,.The Atlanta Falcons may not be flying high at the end of Super Bowl LI.Madden 11 picked the Packers over the. is also the accuracy of Madden as a prediction tool for the Super.

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Watch the video below after the break to see what happened for the Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Prediction to see how Super Bowl 51 ended.

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For Super Bowl LII Madden NFL 18 has the Patriots topping the Eagles 24 to 20, with Tom.

Madden NFL 18 predicts Patriots win Super Bowl again

The only miss was Super Bowl XLII when the Giants eked out a narrow 17 to 14 win.

Madden NFL Makes Its Annual Super Bowl Prediction

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Less than two weeks ago, a handful of staffers gathered in a room at the EA Sports studios in Orlando, Fla., for an annual glimpse into the future. EA.Plus, the latest player ratings and his prediction for the winner of Super Bowl XLIX.Super Bowl 51 picks, predictions: New. non-blitzing pass rush that has bothered Brady over the years — including earlier in the.