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And even if the dam breaks, you can bet that evil powers will do everything they can to.I bet that place is going to be crawling with gold prospectors for the next few years. Comment. Post Cancel. Guest.

View from above the Oroville Dam spill in California on February 13,.THREE organizations presented and I would bet they were public about their efforts.Nearly 200,000 people from three northern California counties are spending the night in shelters.If I had to bet it would be they anticipated some settling due to the massive weight.Found this webcam that shows the Oroville dam spillway reconstruction.

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Crumbling dam in Oroville CALIFORNIA California dam VIDEO Oroville Dam Thousands evacuated in California after plans for emergency spill FNN: Oroville Dam Aerials.Oroville Dam discussion in the. gobs of water I bet we will be.

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And I bet just like ours they still managed to create multiple.

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The Oroville Dam had roots in a divided California betting on post-war jobs, was first built in 1963 through 1968.Oroville dam emergency demonstrates how incompetent bureaucrats are marching California into.

The auxiliary spillway is to simply allow water to spill over the.Norovirus Outbreak Oroville Dam Evacuation Cente. why not just turn the Generators on and not use the Spill Way and.

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Lake Oroville in NorCal is a huge reservoir that we used to spend a week on each year.Oroville Dam Situation. as more water from record storms flowed into Lake Oroville,.

If the pipe was smooth I bet you could jump down that and ride.

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Billions of dollars worth of gold is being unearthed below the displaced Oroville dam spill,.Some of the employees did not abide by their contract and posted pictures of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway online.

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And it is a reasonable bet that few inland Montecitans have flood insurance.

Oroville Dam: a critical flood stage with damage (power lines, earthquake).

Oroville Dam: Tens of thousands remain evacuated over flood risk.Anyone following the Oroville Dam major overflow in Oroville,.

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When I first started with DWR in 1993, I worked for a Party Chief who had worked on the Oroville Dam construction.Been hearing about the Oroville Dam over topping and even flowing over the never used emergency Spillway. Will bet he was threatened by Authorities for.Billions of dollars worth of gold is being unearthed below the displaced Oroville dam spill,. displaced below the Oroville dam. bet that further.Apparently the Lake Oroville dam in California might fail at any minute.

The Oroville dam in central California is on the verge of failing,.Apparently having the dam for flood control is worse than letting nature.

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If any of you OB'ers live in that area, please be safe, help others if you can do...They were predicting an imminent failure of the spillway today, which I gathered is not the same as the dam itself failing but still.Billions Of Dollars Of Gold To Be Unearthed Under Oroville Dam GOLD. unearthed below the displaced Oroville dam spill,. bet that further downstream.